About Me

So… being a mum.

It has its ups and downs.

In my experience, more ups than downs.

My life so far as a mum has not been easy, with a mix of health issues, college and university studies, plus caring for a number of people. It’s certainly been a roller-coaster ride!

But all through it, I have tried to be the best mum I could be to ensure that nothing affected my kids adversely.

My husband, family and friends are my rocks. They have been patient and supportive throughout life’s troubles and I have come out so far with a more positive mindset. Long may it last and grow!

My Story

Baby F

So, at 30 years old I married a wonderful, caring, supportive and DIY handy (very important!) man. Within 3 months of marriage, I was pregnant with my daughter. This was planned, but the health fight through pregnancy was not. I have osteoarthritis and osteopenia (a milder form of osteoporosis) so my joints and bones do not behave as they should.

My back has been bad since I was 21 and I had received various treatment for it; injections, physio, epidurals. Which worked well to relieve the pain… until 6 months into my pregnancy.

Oh my, the pain! I had swelled up like a Michelin man due to lymphoedema, putting on 3 1/2 stone in the process, and the weight put too much pressure on my back. Bam! Slipped discs galore, nerve pain and crutches for the remainder of pregnancy and beyond.

Boy, was I glad to give birth! Our daughter, who will be known as F, was born by C-section (she fell asleep 3 times during a 22 hour labour!) and she was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! A calm, happy baby who slept amazingly!

5 months later, I started college. It was interesting juggling work, study and a baby, but I got through it with a Distinction! Awesome!

Baby E

On my last week of college, just over 1 1/2 years later, I found out I was pregnant again with our son, who will be known as E. This pregnancy was not so physically challenging for my body as I had adjusted to the pain in between pregnancies, but WOW… tired!! Pregnancy with a 2 year old running around! Phew! Especially when I got pre-eclampsia towards the end of pregnancy.

E was born (again by C-section, not my choice either time!) and was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! Again, a chilled, happy baby, but not so great with the sleeping… ah well, can’t win ’em all!

More Studying

Life was running relatively smoothly, I had worked through both pregnancies and hadn’t taken maternity leave either time. Then I needed to start University to help support the preschool I was working at… when E was 8 months old.

3 years of Uni, with 2 young children under the age of 5 was no mean feat! There were several times I wanted to jack it all in and just be a mum. It affected my mental health MAJORLY, but I hid it as much as I could. I took medication to try and help it, which worked for a while. Ultimately, I received a 2:1 for my BA (Hons) so I figure I did pretty good! And neither of my children needed counselling, which was an achievement! (Couldn’t say the same for my long-suffering husband, bless him, but that’s another story!)

So, 3 years later, here I am. A broken mumma of 2 happy, healthy and respectful children who my husband and I adore (mostly!)

What’s your story? Have you been through a tough time? Please subscribe to my site and leaveΒ  a comment! I would LOVE to hear from you!


Craftybarnes76 December 8, 2018

Hello everyone, thought I would say hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Sam and sis in law to Shelley ❀️ I have physical and mental health issues. I had some severe childhood trauma and have been raped 3 times 😒 I left home at 15 to get away from the craziness and went into full time work from that moment on. I went from house share to house share job to job meeting lots of people and also dealing with some very tricky situations I found myself in. I wear  my heart on my sleeve and am a very empathic, sensitive person. I had really bad luck with men too and seemed to only attract abusive, violent men 😒 then I met my daughters biological father and he was also abusive and compulsively lied about everything, when he found out I was pregnant (which was a shock) he did a runner in my 3rd month and in another 6 months I was a single mum ❀️ My daughter Jessica is the best thing I have ever done πŸ’š being a single mum was tough! When she was about 5 years old I found out Jessy has Aspergers, sensory processing disorder and anxiety. To say life was a challenge is an understatement 😊 then came the aloneness as your friends shy away and I was looked at with judgemental eyes & minds 😒 we got to a stage where I had to homeschool for a few years, which helped Jess get the confidence she needed to go back to school starting secondary. Then about 5 years ago my little brother committed suicide and this was heartbreaking πŸ’” with all of these things I had to deal with I find that now I have met my Duncan and my daughter is happy my Anxieties, fears, pain from Fibro, chronic pain etc has all come to the fore as I am now healing myself πŸ™πŸ’™ I do yoga daily and meditate regularly and now have an amazing supportive family that are there for me and although life has been this hard, I would do it all again to get here now and have people like Shelley & all of Duncans family I finally feel safe to speak my truth and deal with it head on 🀘 I am a Broken Mumma ❀️ (apologies for the very long post)