Compassion; Be kind, don’t judge.

We all judge, it’s human instinct. But we all have the capacity to show compassion.

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New Year, New Start?

It’s the first day of January 2019. The first day of a new year. A fresh start. In theory. My body and brain however, have yet to catch up on this notion. Resolutions Whilst I LOVE the idea of setting

Christmas Shopping and budgeting… why online?

Feeling organised So, this is Christmas… as the song goes. (Good old John Lennon!) And I have carried out 98% of Christmas present shopping and wrapped about 80% of what I have bought. I’m feeling organised for the first time

Invisible Illnesses and Mental Health

So, what’s wrong with you? So many times I’ve been asked “So what exactly is wrong with you?” My reply is usually “How long have you got?” Invisible illnesses, chronic pain and mental health illnesses are grossly misunderstood so often.

How I manage my chronic pain

Worsening pain I live with chronic pain. Everywhere. Joints, muscles, bones… all over. It has been getting increasingly worse since August so I got it checked out. I had an MRI on my spine and an X-ray on my left

Parenting Boys and Girls – The Differences

My husband and I are blessed with 2 children, a boy and a girl. Now I figured my parenting methods would suit both as they got older… how naive was I!

Christmas Countdown

They’re here! The Elves have arrived! It’s December… and we have Elves! Plural!