Christmas Countdown

They’re here!

The Elves have arrived!

It’s December… and we have Elves! Plural!

4 to be precise. Cheeky Elfie ( a real Elf on the Shelf) has been with us for 5 years now, then he brought a friend with him, Ellie, the next year.

Stupidly, this year I gave in to my children’s pleads of having elves they could touch. So we now have Milk and Sugar Cookie too, Elves Behavin’ Badly.

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So we are now handling the damage that 4 elves can create in a night… every morning.

Early bird catches the mischief…

I have to say though, it’s great that both E and F get up at 6am through December to rush downstairs to see what mischief (or chaos) has occurred.

Bad teddy gang tied them up and held the elves hostage!

They report back to us with the news of what surprises or chaos they have found around the house. Then they’re up and ready to get dressed and have breakfast!

No dragging them out of bed for school for 3 weeks!!

It’s definitely the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The main rule of Elf hosting

There is lots of fun to be had with the elves. They can get up to a great deal of mischief, but we are not allowed to touch Cheeky Elfie and Ellie as they will lose their magic. Instead, we use tongs to move them up onto a shelf out of the way during the day.

There are various ways to heal your elf if they do get touched; a day resting in the fridge, green magic elf dust and even a marshmallow bath!

So far, we’ve been lucky… no healing required to gain their magic back!

We still have a few weeks to go though, and lots more fun to have!

Do you have elves? What mischief do yours manage to get up to?

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