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Recommendations and reviews for Christmas

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Elves and all things Elfy

Sooooo, we have elves. Now Elf on the Shelf is not as easy now as them just flying back to the North Pole each night and then flying back to cause mischief before the children wake up in the morning. Ooohhh no! Now they have pets! DVD’s! Clothing! It’s continuous.

However, the additional items can be lots of fun. This year, we have a St Bernard arriving soon and a DVD to go with it.


These are AWESOME as they really add to the fun of the elves each year. We have also got a Scout Elves at Play
We have a lot of fun with the elves and they have been using the Scout Elves at Play pack already!


Christmas Trees for small living spaces

We have a compact little house with not a lot of extra room for a tree. I was devastated when we had to give up our lush, coned, frosted 6ft tree we had cherished for 7 years. But we found a great alternative; slimline pencil trees and wall hung trees.

These have been fantastic for space saving. We can tuck our tree into a small corner of the living room and the children can have a wall hung tree each in their bedrooms that they can decorate themselves. They are also super easy to put up and pack away and store. The wall hung trees are one piece and flatten relatively well and the slimline trees are usually in 2 or 3 pieces (dependent on height) and there is no adding the right branches into the right colour tab on the trunk as they are all fitted!


Christmas Films

Here is a list, with links for you to purchase, of our family’s favourite Christmas films, both old and new;

Silent Night – The Story Of The First Christmas – The story of Christ’s birth told by the animals in the manger
The Grinch
Arthur Christmas
Nativity 1, 2 & 3
The Muppet Christmas Carol – this is an essential in our family to get into the Christmassy mood
The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3
Raymond Briggs – The Snowman & Father Christmas set
Santa Clause The Movie
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Blackadder’s Christmas Carol – perhaps not one for the children but it is very funny
The Polar Express – this is a favourite of all of our family, especially my parents
White Christmas – one of my all time favourite Christmas films
It’s a Wonderful Life – my other all time favourite Christmas film
Annabelle’s Wish – my husband loves this cartoon
Scrooge – if you love a good musical, this one is perfect for Christmas

Have a browse and see what you might enjoy!


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